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3 Games to Try with Your Family this Thanksgiving

by | Faith and Family

Everyone loves the delicious dinner that makes Thanksgiving a long-lasting tradition. But in addition to the turkey feast, quality time with family ranks priority. Instead of spending the afternoon crowded around the tv watching football, why not have a little fun? Here are three games to try with your family this Thanksgiving.

1. How Do You Doo

If you have a family full of musicians, this game will be a hit. The objective is simple: get your team to correctly identify the song you’re singing. The hard part is, you aren’t allowed to use song lyrics (or helpful gestures). Instead, you can only use the word “doo.” Divide participants into two teams and pick a singer to go first. Only that singer’s team is allowed to guess. If someone guesses correctly, their team earns a point. Whichever team has the most points at the end, wins.

(For more detailed instructions, visit Play Party Plan.)

2. Junk In The Trunk 

This game is sure to get your family up and moving. All you’ll need is empty tissue boxes, ribbons, and ping pong balls. After cutting two slits in the bottom of each tissue box, feed a long ribbon through both sides. Wrap and tie the ribbon around each player’s midsection to secure the tissue box to their back. Fill each tissue box with six ping pong balls and let the fun begin. The first player to empty their tissue box wins. The challenge? You must stay standing and you cannot use your hands, or crush your tissue box. 

(For more details on this game, and others, visit Happiness is Homemade)

3. Who Said It

This “get-to-know-you” game is perfect for large Thanksgiving gatherings. Start by giving three slips of paper to each family member. Instruct them to use their slips to anonymously answer the following questions.

A. What’s one unique (or funny) fact about you?

B. Finish the following sentence with an embarrassing moment: One time I…

C. What’s one phrase you are known for saying?

Collect all the slips in a bowl and designate a reader. As the slips are read aloud, your family must try to guess ‘Who Said It.’ The slip writer can identify themselves, only after someone guesses correctly (or if the family is stumped). 

*Unlike the others, this game is designed to help you learn new things about each other, instead of to determine a winner.

Thanksgiving is a day for family, but with these three games, it can also be a day of fun. After dinner is over, introduce these activities for a memorable afternoon of laughter.