Five Awesome Ways to Pay It Forward That Would Hardly Cost You a Penny

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Paying It Forward

If you can come up with a list of things that should be infinite in this world, kindness should certainly be part of it. So whenever you experience an act of kindness, the best way to show gratefulness is passing it on to others. As an old saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive” so making an effort to be a blessing to others will likely be more fulfilling.

However, some people may find it difficult to offer help because they feel it will require a great amount of time and resources. On the contrary, people with truly generous hearts never entertain any excuse to do something for the greater good. They know that sharing goodwill does not have to be extravagant to make a positive impact. Many ways to pay it forward do not require huge amounts of resources and some can even be done without spending a single penny. Read on for some easy ways to spread kindness and goodwill:

Gifts for charity.

Instead of expecting gifts for yourself, you may want to use special occasions in your life to give joy to others. You can do this by encouraging your friends and family to donate the money they will spend to buy your gifts at your charity of choice. Your birthdays and anniversaries will surely be more meaningful.

Love your job.

No matter what your job is, it is important to show up at work with a determination to excel in your profession. You may feel like you are doing this for your own interest but choosing to do an exemplary job is an act that will benefit the whole firm you are working for and ultimately the whole society as a whole. This is because your commitment to excellence will likely lead to innovations that will be beneficial to many.

Teach a child.

Children are like sponges because they are likely to absorb the things they see and hear around them. So if you want to do something good, you may want to be more conscious of your actions whenever you are with a child or assigned to take care of one. If you can, try to teach them good deeds and valuable skills that will help them grow up to be citizens of the world.

Grow a garden.

In our own little way, we are all encouraged to do something to protect our environment. You can do your share by taking the time to grow a garden. This habit is beneficial to Mother Earth because it promotes oxygen production and can reduce the use of chemicals that are found in commercial fertilizers.

Recognize a great service.

It is a wonderful feeling to experience great service from firms and establishments that go out of their way to help customers and deliver quality work. You can express your appreciation by sharing their exceptional work to many people. One way to do this is by posting an online review. This simple act will further encourage them to continue their excellent services.

A person reaching out to help others in times of need is such a great sight to behold. This is the kind of image that reminds us to stay hopeful and positive because there is always someone willing to extend assistance. Thus, make it a habit to look for opportunities to help in every situation.

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