Four Tips To Beat Parental Anxiety & Raise Happier Children

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Faith and Family

To say parenting is stressful and tiring is an understatement. Some even claim that you will not understand the real meaning of exhaustion until you become a parent. In the same way, people who boast of having limitless patience may find it hard to keep their cool when left alone with a number of active and naughty toddlers.

The modern lifestyle is not very helpful to new mothers and fathers. Parents of today often need to multitask in order to satisfactorily fulfill their duties at home and at work. Various studies and guides instructing proper ways of raising children can make moms and dads worry about their parenting styles. News and reports about the dangers children face in an uncertain society also adds to the concerns of parents. With the huge pressure that comes with parenting, it is no surprise if parents of young children today are more anxious than ever.

Do not be a victim of parental anxiety.

Anxious parents may worry over the smallest things. They may not be giving their children proper nutrition. Their children may need to take extra classes to gain skills that they can use later in life. Maybe they are not spending enough quality time with their kids. The list of a parent’s woes can go on and on. In a way, parents may indeed have a valid reason to be anxious. Besides, worrying is an indication that a parent is genuinely concerned about the welfare of their kids. This attitude, though, may backfire in the end as being an overly worried parent may even harm your child. In fact, a study published in U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health says that there is a direct correlation between overparenting and a child’s anxiety. So if you want to raise happy and well-adjusted kids, make it a priority to tame your worries. Listed below are four suggestions to help you become a relaxed and calm parent.

Acknowledge your fears and act on it.

If you want to let go of parenting stress, it won’t help if you dismiss or ignore your anxiety. Instead of escaping your worries, face your fears by acknowledging it. One thing you can do is list down all your worries and ponder why they are robbing you of your peace of mind. This way, you can easily think of ways to overcome it. Who knows? You may even realize that you do not have any reason to worry at all.

Talk about it.

Your fears can appear larger than they really are if you bottle them up inside. So reach out to your spouse or a friend and open up to them. Let them know the things that are keeping you up at night. By talking about it you gain advice from others and ease your emotional load. When you talk about it your problems become a lot more manageable.

Manage your expectations.  

Even if you give parenting your best shot, you cannot expect things to be smooth sailing and perfect all the time. Be realistic and give room for mistakes. Accept that some things are simply out of your control. Most of the time just doing your best is enough. Enjoy the ride and in the end you will realize there is really nothing to worry about in the first place.

Give importance to self care.

It is your duty to care for your family and make sure everyone is fine. But in the process, do not forget that you need to take care of yourself too. If you are constantly exhausted, staying carefree will be such a burden. Consciously make an effort to be healthy and get proper rest. Prioritizing self care will make it easier to tend to the needs of your family.

Stress and fatigue are two words that parents of today surely understand. To succeed in your role as parents, you do not have to let worries get the better of you. Keep your family happy by beating anxiety and learning how to cope with your anxiousness.

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