Being Generously Grateful

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Personal Development

Gratitude has a positive effect on many areas of life, from your relationships to your overall mindset. But sometimes, when you’re going through a rough patch, or maybe you’re reaching an all-time high, it’s beneficial to be generously grateful. Don’t just be grateful, be over-the-top grateful! It’s better to overflow with appreciation than for someone to think you aren’t appreciative at all. Embracing gratitude will improve your life in countless ways. Feeling, expressing, and reflecting on your gratitude will boost your mood, attitude, and many of your relationships!

Feeling Your Gratitude

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It all starts with how you internalize your gratitude. Focus on the “who,” “what,” and “why,” of your gratefulness. Think about who has improved your life and how. Consider what items, places, activities, influences, or practices have benefited you in big or small ways. And finally, ask yourself, “Why?” Why are you grateful for certain people and what they’ve done? Why are you grateful for the places and things?

Zoom in on that feeling of gratitude to plant a deep seed of appreciation into your heart and mind. This is crucial because you never want to forget what others do or have done for you. When you do this, you’ll always be willing to lend a hand to those folks or other people, because you know how powerful one person’s input can be.

Expressing Your Gratitude

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After you’ve deeply felt your gratitude, it’s time to show it. And don’t just say, “Thanks!” Express how grateful you are using your words and your actions. We know it’s not easy to tell someone how thankful you are for what they’ve done. It’s often humbling to admit what you couldn’t accomplish without someone’s help, but it’s also empowering! It will improve your connection with that person and improve your ability to be honest with yourself. For anyone who struggles to find the right words for expressing their gratitude, here’s a massive list of thank-you messages, phrases, and wording examples.

If words don’t do your appreciation justice, be generously grateful and find an action that shows it. Determine what means the most to the person you want to share your appreciation for. If they receive love in the form of gifts, give them a thoughtful or homemade gift. Suppose they feel appreciated when others lend a hand … give them your time and energy wherever they may need it. Perhaps this person simply wants a deeper connection with you. In that case, spend some quality time with them! There are so many unique ways to show you care!

Reflecting on Your Gratitude

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As you start becoming generously grateful, remember to reflect on your gratitude! Find ways to look back on how you’ve felt it and how you’ve shown it. To get you started, here’s a small list of methods for gratitude reflection:

  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Find someone to be accountable with.
  • Embrace gratitude from others.
  • Make gratitude expression and reflection a daily activity.
  • Think of ways to take your thankfulness to the next level.

No matter how you start reflecting on being generously grateful, it’s important that you stick to it.

Gratitude Will Change Your Life

From here on out, it’s up to you to ensure that you feel gratitude, express it, and reflect on it. You will not regret making it a pillar in your day-to-day life.

Gratitude will not only improve your life, but the lives of others. You’ll soon realize that it’s a great way to invest in others. But it’s not the only way to invest in others. In fact, we have a blog that’s all about how you can “Invest in the Best”.

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