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Community Culture

Six Keys to Helping Unhappy Customers

As long as you’re selling products and people are buying them, there will always be unhappy customers. Nobody wants their customers to be dissatisfied with their products or services. As salespeople, it’s in our best interest to make sure that the people who buy...

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Community CulturePersonal Development

Ready, Set, Grow!

The best ways to add significance to your life are to learn, change, and grow. However, not everybody is ready and willing to change. And not everyone knows how to invite change and growth into their life. Increasing your willingness to learn will increase your...

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Personal Development

Stop Hesitating. Start Doing.

The world we live in is full of external forces that can put a hold on everything you do. On top of the outside factors, you may also be slowing down or fully stopping the process of chasing your goals. Whether procrastination, worry, or overthinking is blocking...

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Personal Development

Obstacles Are Opportunities

While hiking through the woods on a trail that you’ve never traveled on, you pass beautiful trees, wildflowers, and many small forest creatures. The hike has been trying at times but nothing you can’t handle. You know multiple people who’ve been on this hike and...

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Personal Development

Letting Go of Our Failures

When you make a mistake (which, let’s be honest, is inevitable), it’s common for them to cause fear and hesitation. You may even catch yourself avoiding certain actions that led up to that failure. Being able to recover from a mishap, learning from it, and moving...

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Tips To Beat Post-Travel Depression

Many consider travel as the only happy pill they need. As it is often about beautiful places, unique experiences, and exciting adventures; it is quite difficult to stay blue during a trip. The problem is that getaways are not meant to last forever. After a few days...

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