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3 Steps on How to Make Philanthropic Goals for the New Year

Each new year inspires a host of new personal goals and resolutions. Many people set out to exercise more, spend less time on their phones, and adhere to a more balanced diet. But rarely do you hear about philanthropic goals. However, anything worth doing is worth doing well. So why not have a plan for

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Three Obstacles Keeping You From Philanthropy & How To Deal With Them

Stating your intention to do philanthropy is an action where you can expect little resistance or disagreement.To say you want to allot precious time to serve others, in one way or the other, is a commendable act that will likely be met with approval and applause. Despite all this, many still look at altruism with

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Five Ways to Involve Your Children In Giving Back

Just as we invest time and resources into sports and other activities, it is important to do the same in our children’s sense of service and helping those around them. As parents and teachers of our children, it is important to instill this idea of giving back, even at a young age. Begin by first

Three Simple Ways to Pay it Forward In Everyday Life

Three Simple Ways to Pay it Forward in Everyday Life

The idea of paying it forward it simple: When someone does something nice for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by also doing something nice for someone else. It is having the mindset of thinking of others first. We are firm believers that in order to first reach your full potential,