Developing an Environment for Growth and Success

Randy and Raye-Lynn Jassman are standing at the top of a snow-covered mountain that overlooks a valley with a large lake. They’re about to ski down.

The road to creating success is built through making mistakes, giving it your all, and following your dreams. Leaders continue seeking growth and positive change—for themselves and their community. These leaders know that the journey of life is challenging at times, and they aim to pull their team forward instead of pushing them forward. Randy and Raye-Lynn do their best, daily, to achieve that type of leadership.

The Jassmans are leaders who weren’t always in the position that they’re in today. Through a lot of trial and error, they’ve come further than they thought possible, and believe that they still have a long way to go. Prior to taking on their full-time leadership role, the Jassmans had a varied job history. In their early twenties, Randy and Raye-Lynn both had jobs as laborers in different sectors.

Randy worked on exploratory drilling rigs in Alaska, worked construction, and spent some time working for a local ski resort. While working for the ski resort he cleared brush, built infrastructure for sewer and water systems, and was a ski coach/instructor. Raye-Lynn worked in Alaska on a commercial fishing boat, taught skiing, worked in local restaurants and retail stores, and even worked at an Arabian horse farm. There, she cleaned stalls and exercised the horses. All the while, Randy and Raye-Lynn were both going to college to get their degrees to hopefully build a life in corporate America.

After college Randy went to work for a fortune 40 company and then into commercial real estate as a career. Raye-Lynn went to work for a local corporation that specialized in the hospitality industry.

They were comfortable in their current positions, getting into married life and living, when they were introduced to an entrepreneur who made them think about the direction of their life. That introduction changed the whole direction of their life and reminded them of the power of association and mentorship.

Faith and Family

Randy and Raye-Lynn Jassman stand atop a hill that looks out over rolling green hills, leading out to the open ocean.

To Randy and Raye-Lynn faith and family are two of the most important reasons for why they do what they do. They are always working on strengthening their marriage and partnership and feel that it’s one of the many ingredients to a happier, healthier life.

Their beliefs and family are the driving forces behind their hard work and dedication to growing leaders who grow leaders. However, they know that those factors aren’t what drives everyone, so one of the Jassmans’ goals is to help find exactly what drives you in life.

Community and Culture

Randy and Raye-Lynn strive to live a life of significance by adding value to people’s lives whenever they can. Over time, they have learned that when you surround yourself with the right people and have the right vision for your life, nothing is impossible. By being open about their failures, successes, and moments of growth, they hope to develop a vast and impactful culture of effective leaders.

Leadership and Collaboration

Randy and Raye-Lynn believe that no matter where you are in life, you can become a better person and leader. You can use your life to improve and benefit the lives of the folks around you. Randy and Raye-Lynn often say that “impact is more important than an impression.” Wouldn’t you rather have a lasting and positive effect on someone’s life than just a temporary emotional change?

Through their ideals, experience, and coaching, the Jassmans want to help people become better leaders and collaborators. Because they’ve been a part of successful teams, they know how to create strong bonds and encourage smooth cooperation. Their vision is to create an unbreakable chain of teams and leaders that want nothing more than to see each other succeed. They want to help leaders raise leaders who raise leaders.

With the power of positive association and positive thinking, Randy and Raye-Lynn Jassman are looking to change the way people react to the world around them. They hope that their work will leave a positive mark in every community they reach.

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