The Holistic Leader Toolbox

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Holistic Leadership

True leadership is not only a talent that requires experience and stellar communication skills, but it’s also an art that successfully inspires and motivates others to take your influence and apply it to their own life and goals. And while a large part of leadership comes naturally to some people, there are certainly a few things that must be included in every holistic leader toolbox in order to properly and effectively develop others in the most holistic way possible.

An overarching mission

First and foremost, every holistic leader needs a mission that guides him or her along in their leadership journey. This overarching mission should not be confused with a set-in-stone plan. A plan is a well-thought-out method of proceeding that doesn’t take into account life’s unexpected surprises. And we’ve all heard the danger of planning out your life––you can’t plan on anything because life never really goes as planned.

Instead, keep a mission in mind that sheds light on your conviction, purpose, and enthusiasm when it comes to providing others a source of holistic leadership. Maybe your mission is to develop other forward-thinking leaders in your community, or maybe it’s to care for every person you partner with. In establishing an overarching mission, you state a desired end goal, but you also allow room for whatever this journey throws your way.

An open mind

When providing any kind of guidance to others, it’s so easy to project your experience onto the other person. But it’s so important when leading others to keep an open mind and remember that every experience is different. You will be able to provide the most effective and holistic leadership possible if you have an open mind.

A set of core values

Our core values influence our thoughts, our words, and our actions. They help us grow and develop on a personal level, they affect the way we conduct our lives, and consequently, they determine the way our future unfolds. That’s why it’s so important to lead with a set of core values in mind. In doing so, you will promote a positive culture built on these values that can be applied to every area of leadership.

Building an effective leadership style is no easy task. In fact, it takes loads of dedication and hard work, but you will be well on your way if you include these essentials in your holistic leader toolbox.

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