Mobile Apps That Make It Easy For You to Give Back

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Paying It Forward

Do you find yourself scrolling through countless social media posts and stories only to end up feeling like you wasted your day? According to data gathered by Statista, people spend about 5-6 hours a day using their mobile phones. So, why not make those hours count for something? You can start by using your phone time to earn some bucks, learn a new skill, and even as a way to give back to society. This is possible through responsible use of technology. You can start by using mobile apps to do the following:

Prevent Climate Change and Plant More Trees

Have you always wanted to participate in environmental projects but just could not find the time nor energy for it? By installing mobile apps such as Forest and Oroeco, you can support green projects whenever and wherever you are. The Forest app encourages users to lessen screen time because doing so will allow you to grow virtual trees. The virtual trees you grow lets you earn coins that you can then donate so that real trees will be planted. Meanwhile, the Oreoco app helps you realize the impact of your lifestyle on the environment by tracking your carbon footprint. It can then guide you in making smart choices that can reduce pollution and prevent global warming. Both apps are free and available for Android and iOS users.

Turn Recyclables into Cash

Clear your clutter, reduce wastes, and even receive rewards – all this is made easier with apps such as Irecycle and decluttr. The IRecycle app informs you if your waste is recyclable and connects you to organizations that pay people for their trash. Meanwhile, decluttr offers a convenient space for you to sell items that you do not need or no longer want. With the help of these apps, you do not have to deal with the inconvenience of having too much stuff and even earn some cash in the process.

Send Help to The Needy

Food is a basic need and it is unfortunate that so many are deprived of it. It is a good thing that nowadays, there are mobile apps such as ShareTheMeal and Food Cowboy that make it easy to contribute to the fight against malnutrition. With a single tap, the ShareTheMeal app by the UN World Food Programme allows you to make a donation that can provide meals for people in areas where hunger is prevalent. On the other hand, through the use of mobile apps, Food Cowboy prevents wholesalers and suppliers from dumping rejected/unwanted fresh produce to landfills as they are directed to areas where the food items can be donated.

 Many people wish to extend help and be better citizens. Yet not everyone knows how or where to do it. Thankfully, technology offers creative solutions so that all of us can make valuable contributions to the betterment of society in our own little way.

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