4 Powerful Ways to Become a Patient Leader

by | May 15, 2021 | Holistic Leadership

If you are a leader, you better brace yourself for loads of stress and anxiety. All the duties and pressures that come with leadership can be a true test of patience. If you have a short temper or easily annoyed then being the head of a team may not be the best role for you.

How important is patience in leadership?

Leadership can have moments that can make you feel like you are about to reach a breaking point. To keep yourself and your team together, patience may just be the superpower you need. It will allow you to stay calm amidst pressure and to hold anger when provoked.

A patient leader also has the wisdom to gently wait for results instead of carelessly rushing growth. Indeed patience plays a big role in your success as a leader. Yet this is not the easiest to develop, here are some ways to help you be as patient as you can be:

Be empathetic.

Patience can be as easy as viewing things from the perspective of others. When you put yourself in other people’s shoes, you may start to understand why you should not lose your cool. It can also become easier to be more tolerant of team members who may have made mistakes because you realize how difficult it must have been for them. Empathy can ensure a harmonious relationship within your team.

Be thankful first.

There are days when everyone and everything seems to get on your nerves. Instead of having unnecessary outbursts, you may want to stop a moment to remember the things you should be grateful for. You may be less mean to your team if you acknowledge their help and effort. It may also be easier to be patient even if you have reasons to be anxious if you focus on the achievements of your team rather than the problems.

Have a sense of humor.

Whenever it feels like you are about to flare up, you can regain your composure by laughing it off. You will feel lighter and may even send off good vibes to your surroundings. To be able to laugh about things does not mean you are not taking the matters seriously. You just simply understand that giving in to anger will not make problems go away.

Take regular breaks.

Exhaustion can make even a small problem appear impossible to solve. It can also stretch your patience to the limit. So to stay in control of your emotions, taking regular breaks should always be a priority. You may even have better luck thinking of effective solutions when you are well-rested.

Are you wondering if you cut it out to be a great leader? Then you should better ask yourself if you are patient enough for the role. If you are confident about your level of patience, then there is a great chance that you will be a delight to have as a leader to any team!

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