Ready, Set, Grow!

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Community Culture, Personal Development

The best ways to add significance to your life are to learn, change, and grow. However, not everybody is ready and willing to change. And not everyone knows how to invite change and growth into their life. Increasing your willingness to learn will increase your opportunities and improve your chances of achieving success.

Are You Too Stubborn to Grow?

Some of us can be very stubborn, which is a difficult trait to suppress. But frequently, our stubbornness can keep us from being able to open our minds and expand our realities. To get started on the path to opening our minds, we must first recognize the signs of inhibitive stubbornness. Look out for these key indicators that you might be too stubborn for your own good:

You may be too headstrong if you …

  • Stick with your plan or thought, even when you discover it’s wrong.
  • Start to lose your patience when people try to convince you to think or do something other than your original plan.
  • Leave a group of friends to do something that nobody else wants to do, just because you don’t want to change your plans.
  • Find and point out all the flaws in other people’s plans.

Are any of these tendencies sounding a little too familiar? If so, that’s okay, because it’s never too late to change and grow. Now, you may read this and find yourself saying, “I’m fine how I am. I don’t have to change.” And you’re right. You don’t need to change. But trust us when we tell you that the results you’ll see, after opening your heart and your mind, are more than worth the effort.

Soak Up the Water and the Fertilizer.

A blue tractor pulls a trailer of fertilizer over a green pasture.

If you are a seed, then everything that enters your life is fertilizer and water. When people reach out a hand, offering advice, wisdom, and support, they’re offering the nutrients that you need to thrive. Don’t turn down those nutrients! Now, you may be opening up to the idea of … opening up, but you’re unsure of where to begin. Thankfully, we’re here to remind you that there are plenty of ways you can start soaking up that water and fertilizer.

A great place to start is investing in learning for your own benefit. Find things that interest you and search for sources of information on that topic. If you want to find ways to become a better salesperson, start reading books about sales tactics. As you get more comfortable with accepting ideas and advice from others, search for a source you can interact with. You know … like the giants of your industry. Listen to them, read what they recommend, familiarize yourself with their path of growth, and use every opportunity to talk with them and ask questions. 

Keep developing the skills that you already have.

Find out if they’re transferable to other areas of your life. Do your friends think you’re really good at making conversation and capturing attention? Great! Use that skill to your advantage and strive to sharpen it.

Listen closely and be genuinely interested in what other people have to say.

Don’t get lost in your head while others are talking; become involved in the conversation. Do whatever it takes to gain something from even the most boring talk. If you need to write notes and think about the interaction later, do it.

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Obstacles often cultivate the most growth. Try your hand at something you’ve never tried before. Or make a second attempt at something you’ve failed in the past. Whatever you choose to do, stay determined and face the challenge head on.

Not sure if your skills are enough? Maybe you don’t feel interested in many topics. Or perhaps you’re not quite confident enough in your ability to tackle a challenge—not yet. But, with practice and trust in your capabilities, you’ll start to grow toward your potential. Here are more ways to encourage your growth mindset.

If You’re Ready to Grow, Show It!

A small flower buds on a branch.

When you’re feeling ready and eager to learn, grow, and experience positive change in your life, seek it out. Nobody will know that you’re ready to make this leap if you don’t demonstrate your willingness. By doing the following, you’ll ensure that others will know you’re a seed ready for nutrients.

  • Ask questions.
  • Get excited about learning something new.
  • Go to a seminar or networking function.
  • Come up with innovative ideas and pitch them to others.
  • Stay up to date with the news in your industry.
  • Ask around about training events.

Once you’ve taken all these steps, you’re sure to find many avenues to help you broaden your horizons and strengthen your roots. And when you finally feel confident that your life is ever changing and evolving, consider sharing your growth experience with others and becoming the fertilizer and water for their growth journeys! 

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