Spreading Love in Your Community

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Community Culture, Paying It Forward

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about two people in a relationship. It’s also about the overarching theme of love! We’re talking about love that knows no bounds. On this Valentine’s Day (and every day) spread love everywhere you go, to everyone you know! Or, spread it to strangers if you choose to do so.

There are endless ways to show love and share yours with the community. Whether you’re spreading kindness to your team, the faculty at your children’s school, your friends, or the local first responders, do it to make an impact!

Showing Love to Strangers

If you want to show appreciation to a stranger, there are plenty of ways to do it:

  • Buy their coffee or meal.
  • Help them carry their groceries out of the store.
  • Leave a short and kind message under their windshield wiper. (e.g., “Hi stranger, here’s a reminder that you matter, your ideas and feelings are important, and you are loved. Have a wonderful day!”)
  • Let them go ahead of you in line.
  • Offer up your seat to someone else if you take public transportation.

This list could go on forever, but we think you get the gist. In addition to giving individual strangers love, spread that kindness to groups of strangers. Consider giving your local fire department a basket of treats. Or have an order of breakfast pastries delivered to the staff at your kids’ school. If you don’t have kids, but you do have pets, take some goodies to your veterinarian or pet groomer!

Think hard enough, and we’re sure that you’ll find creative ways to show love to the people of your community, even if they’re strangers.

Showing Love in a Professional Environment

Three fists join, with their thumbs pointed upward.

If giving love to strangers is a little outside of your comfort zone, then showing it in your professional relationships may feel more authentic to you. Want to let your team know how much you care about them? Here are awesome ways to spread kindness to the people you work closely with every day:

  • Treat them to lunch.
  • Send a gift basket to all your team members.
  • Spend time doing a fun team-building activity.
  • Recognize your favorite aspect of each team member’s personality.
  • Find out how you can help them.

You can show love to your teammates and your leaders in a variety of ways!

Loving Your Closest Friends and Family

Family and friends are probably the easiest to give love to because you know them the best. You know what forms of love best speak to them. Here are thoughts to consider when brainstorming ways to give your family and friends love:

  • When did you last sit down for a meal with them? Invite them over for dinner.
  • How long has it been since you bonded over a fun activity? Go mini golfing.
  • Has it been a while since you last connected with them? Call them up and chat for a bit.
  • What’s their favorite snack? Drop candy off at their doorstep or mail it.
  • Are they super stressed out right now? See if you can solve a problem for them.

Even when you’re not sure how to show loved ones that you love them, putting forth the effort is often enough. Giving a display of love will mean the world to anyone who is dear to your heart. If there’s one thing everybody seems to recognize and appreciate the value of, it’s time. Show your love to the people nearest to you by offering them quality time together (or apart if you already spend a lot of time together).

Your Love is Appreciated

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No matter how you choose to show, give, or spread your love, it’ll always be appreciated. Effort and intent are what matter the most. Go about spreading love with all your strength and all your sincerity, and your heart will be warmer and fuller than ever before.

When you’ve given love in all of the ways listed above, there’s one other way that we didn’t mention: showing interest. You can show people close to you that you care about them, by demonstrating your interest in their life. Go read our blog on “Finding an Interest in People” to learn more. 

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