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Tips to Adopt a Community Mindset

by | Community Culture

Adopting a community mindset is necessary for anyone to experience the highest form of success because it is only possible to reach your full potential when you are surrounded, influenced, and motivated by the people you choose to fill your life with. Individual accomplishments are impressive, but they don’t mean nearly as much as when you can celebrate these accomplishments with a community of people. Keep a community mindset when doing anything in life by following these tips.

Be authentic in your relationships.

One of the most important things when it comes to adopting a community mindset is to be authentically ‘you’ in every interaction. You should never have to change who you are for the sake of those around you, and, likewise, no else should have to change either. In fact, a community is always stronger when these differences exist. So make sure everything you do reflects how you genuinely care about the other people in your community. A sense of community is only possible if it’s built on a foundation of authentic interactions and sincere conversations.

Make a point to meet and learn about people who are different than you.

A community is made of a group of individuals who have their own life stories, struggles, and strengths but come together because of a shared vision, similar values, or a common dream. Get to really know the people in your community, embrace your differences, and learn about each other. In doing so, you’ll expand your consciousness and learn about yourself in return. Additionally, when you learn about and get to know other people, the impacts you are capable of making together are limitless.

Remember to be there in good times and bad.

A community of people is like a giant family. And just like in a family, a community should be supportive of each other 100 percent of the time––not just when things are going well. Celebrate the good times, but also be a shoulder to lean on when the going gets rough. More than anything, create an environment that supports each other no matter what. A community grows when they are brought together––whether it’s over the good things and the bad.

The most notable part of being in a community of people is the irreplaceable sense of belonging and feeling of fellowship that results. Follow these tips to make sure you keep your community mindset intact all the time.


  1. Coral Perrigo

    Love this information!!!

  2. Andrew Abbott

    So inspiring! Thank you, Jassmans, for putting this together and sharing what you have with the rest of the world, and coming out of your beautiful homes to help us achieve our highest potential! I know we are going to accomplish great things together; go team!