Tips To Beat Post-Travel Depression

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Adventure

Many consider travel as the only happy pill they need. As it is often about beautiful places, unique experiences, and exciting adventures; it is quite difficult to stay blue during a trip. The problem is that getaways are not meant to last forever. After a few days of exploration, it is time to end the trip and go home. For some people, going back to reality can trigger a sense of loneliness. In case you (or someone you know) tend to feel this way after a vacation, you are most likely experiencing post-travel depression.

Is post-travel depression common?

To feel disheartened right after a trip may have you wondering why, but this dreadful mood is fairly common. A report from one article states that 57% of British travelers feel worse after returning from their holiday. The awful emotion may stem from the notion that your normal routines cannot give the thrill you get when you are out and about. They say that the longer the vacation is, the harder it is for some people to get over their post-travel woes. If the gloomy feeling persists longer than expected and if it starts to negatively affect important things in your life such as career or family, it may be best to seek professional help. Usually, though, it is something that goes away after a few days or weeks as you begin to settle back to your normal routines. The following tips can help you beat your depression faster:

Call your friends.

What are friends for if you cannot count on them during your low moments? Calling a close friend to share your feelings can help you get through your sadness. You can recount the amazing things you discovered during your trip and it may just   lighten your mood instantly. Friends can also give valuable advice that can snap you out of your sullen mood.

Appreciate your local community.

The stunning sceneries and exciting lifestyle in the places you have visited may have made everything back home pale in comparison. It does not automatically mean that your neighborhood is really boring because there is a chance that your judgment is influenced by your emotions. A change in perspective can help you see that your local community is also interesting. It may help if you remember that your hometown is also a tourist spot for people who live outside your community.

Take a few days off.

You may feel guilty for requesting time off from work or school when you just came from a vacation. But immediately returning to the duties you have to attend to can sink you deeper into depression. Allow your mind and body to rest for a while upon your return. It can just be the weekend right after your trip so you do not have to skip additional work or school days. The extended rest will help you feel relaxed and refreshed, while keeping the blues away.

Document your travels.

Your vacation may be over but you can find joy at the thought that the happy memories will stay with you. Make it easier to remember your great travel moments by organizing your photos or starting a journal. Your travel mementos can also make you look forward to your next trip so it takes your mind off the negative stuff.

Travel woes can happen, but they can be prevented. Remember that traveling is not supposed to be an escape from reality or everyday life. It should make us grow and make us realize that every place is unique and beautiful on its own.

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